n'fuse.solutions was created based on a strong market need finding and the definition of meaningful solutions to fill this need:

No organisation - no matter the size or the stage of evolution - always has the right amount and selection of marketing & sales skills, experience and resources available when needed to realise a great opportunity or solve a major roadblock that prevents growth. 



n'fuse.solutions - through our sales & marketing consulting, outsourced team, academy and product solutions - aims to liberate organisations from their growth constraints due to a lack of internal skills and resources.


ideal customers

n'fuse.solutions focuses on working with B2B and B2B2C customers active in Europe, with a technical or high-end product or service. Customers choose n'fuse.solutions in times of needed change or when experiencing typical pain points. Learn more about when to get in touch.


the founders


Anne Guethoff

‘Moving organisations to the next level is what excites me. I am all about challenging and advancing the status quo - for a more successful tomorrow.’

Profile: Big picture thinker and detail-focused doer, international self-starter, pattern interrupter, energizer, strong and confident communicator.

Specialities: International B2B2C marketing and sales; technology-driven change management; growing businesses; integrated sales and marketing strategies; consulting; brand management; retail marketing; sports and mobility industry.

CV Summary: More than 14 years of experience in consulting, marketing, strategy, sales and product management both in corporate and SME environments. Especially experienced in the mobility, healthcare, SAAS and sports industry with a passion for technical products.

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Raymonde Sawal

‘Throughout my career, I kept seeing the same sales and marketing skills and resource challenges - no matter the industry. I am extremely passionate about the solutions we provide as they are based on my own experiences.

Profile: Doer, researcher, outcome-orientated, holistic thinker.

Specialities: B2B organisations in the energy and mobility sector, sales management, lead gen, customer acquisition process, sales education, start ups, block chain applications.

CV Summary: More than 20 years of experience in sales management within corporate and SME environments; founder of the business "call attack" and author of the book "Kaltakquise, die Königsdisziplin des Vertriebs".

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