With our sales & marketing consulting, outsourced team, academy and product solutions, we liberate you from your growth constraints due to a lack of internal marketing and sales skills and resources.



n'fuse.consulting supports organisations when pain points are apparent that prevent growth, major opportunities are present and the right marketing & sales skill set or resource is not available internally. The consulting process stretches across an initial analysis, objective setting, strategy definition and initiative implementation planning.

We look at sales and marketing holistically and in an integrated way. Let us infuse your organisation with the missing skills set and much needed resource.

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n'fuse.outsourced team

You are an organisation that does not need a full-time marketing team including various seniority levels such as Marketing Director, Assistent, Communications Manager and more.  You have probably thought about hiring a part-timer or you are taking care of marketing yourself - with various outcomes due to time and skill constraints. Dedicating a focused resource to your marketing needs is crucial but hiring a part-time contractor who comes in two days a week often doesn't deliver what you need. If you would like access to various levels of skills and resources when you need it, then the outsourced team is for you.                           

We become your marketing team - over the short- or long-term and infuse your organisation with the missing resource or skill - effectively! We act as part of your team and are available when needed - every day. This means that you are not paying for downtime or have activities held up while enjoying the benefits of established processes and systems. We are trained to learn and deliver fast and bring to your organisation insights from other industries and clients. 

We will work well together if you value an 'outsider's' views and are on a growth path. We stick to agreed activities and focus on your business objectives rather than getting drawn into the day-to-day distractions many internal marketing resources find themselves captured in.

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n'fuse solutions provides workshops in the areas of sales and marketing, including certifications. This is available to public, mixed groups as well as in the form of separate company sessions. The academy aims to infuse organisations with internally missing skill sets.

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n'fuse.solutions provides proven marketing and sales products that enable and simplify process- and system-driven management. These are standardised and tested and can easily be infused into organisations to make work more effective.

> 3-year strategy workshop