No organisation - no matter the size or the stage of evolution - always has the right amount and selection of marketing & sales skills, experience and resources available when needed to realise a great opportunity or solve a major roadblock that prevents growth.


TYPICAL Pain points often include the

  • entry into new markets or segments,

  • launch of new products,

  • communication to new target groups,

  • definition of a focused growth strategy,

  • need to answer to competitive forces,

  • professionalisation and digitalisation of processes and systems and

  • restructuring of teams

Be liberated from your marketing and sales constraints now with n'


n’ provide significant advantages over choosing an internal solution or hire:

  • Availability: Part-time resource but available when needed, every day.
  • Speed: Experienced in learning and producing results quickly.
  • Focus: Positive distance to the day-to-day and focus on agreed activities.
  • Skill sets: Multiple levels of seniority and specialties available to provide the right resource where needed.
  • Proven process: Systems and processes are already in place.
  • Cost efficiencies: No cost of training, management, recruitment and downtime.
  • Sustainability: Avoid the risk of having all knowledge with one person.
  • Innovation & challenge: Constant exposure to and learning from different industries and organisations.
  • Scalability: Ability to scale resources up and down quickly.